Proven Reliability

The Citadel Storefront System consists of three elements: the frame, entry door and glazing. And all three have been tested and certified against the threats described in our product line as an integrated unit. This ensures that every part of the system is equally reliable.

We were the first to offer a storefront tested to survive an EF-5 tornado. Our certified second-generation design offers you more of just about everything.

  • Expand your frame of reference. The 6-by-8-foot double doors are 15% bigger than our previous design, and our 5-by-8-foot single window is 6 times larger than our first FEMA window—these are offerings no other manufacturer today can match. Just add mullions to build a full curtain wall. We can support FEMA curtain walls over 50 feet tall.
  • Build anywhere. With thermal breaks and insulated glazing, the Citadel system is suitable for use in structures everywhere in North America.
  • Build for tomorrow. This is the only storefront solution on the U.S. market certified compliant with emerging ICC-500 2012 FEMA 210 mph hurricane shelter requirements.
  • Keep keeping the bad guys out. Of course, the Citadel system still provides up to Level IV ballistic and explosion protection.

 While the Citadel Storefront System prevents bad elements from entering your structure, getting outside is a breeze. Our proprietary two-point latching system provides tornado protection without manual thumb latches or issues with fire marshals. One push and you’re out. 

Our products stand up to the worst punishment industry-recognized testing institutions can dish out, and we have the certifications to prove it. They are available for review by architects and general contractors.  Just ask!


The Citadel Storefront System lets you have your cake and eat it too. Anti-intrusion protection without unsightly roll-down barriers or window bars. Protection against Cat 5 hurricanes and EF-5 tornados without resorting to heavy steel doors. Full vision with minimal distortion—our patented FEMA-compliant glazing is completely transparent. And window and door frames that come anodized or in a wide range of colors, using either powder coat or Kynar 500. The bottom line: these look like regular doors and windows—and they integrate into your designs the same way.

But elegance is more than just skin deep—the Citadel Storefront System’s Low-E insulation and 99% UV protection save energy and promote a quality work environment. And its 41 dB sound isolation really cuts down on street noise, generators, air conditioners and other aural irritants that intrude on the workspace.

Low Cost

Thank to its proprietary design, we can offer the Citadel Storefront System at a completive price. Because Citadel products are available in a variety of configurations—forced entry, hurricane, tornado, and so on—you pay only for the protection you need. Of course, if you want to combine features, we can do that too.

You’ll also save money on installation. Even the largest system can be installed by a two-man crew. And because it can be installed entirely from the inside, you won’t need scaffolding, which is great news if you’re retrofitting an existing structure.