Survivalite is a company with decades of experience designing and manufacturing integrated window and door solutions that offer proven protection against a wide range of natural and man-made threats. As our list of milestones and recognitions demonstrates, we lead the industry in introducing ground-breaking advances in storm protection.

  • 1990s: Introduced the first hurricane window certified by Dade County, Florida early in the decade
  • 2003: Survivalite under new ownership
  • 2005: Received architect award for renovation of Cadillac Marriott hotel on Miami Beach
  • 2009: First company in industry to pass FEMA EF-5 testing for a glazed door
  • 2010: Completed FEMA EF-5 testing for window – first company with a FEMA storefront
  • 2012: Introduced first FEMA EF-5 glazed product tested per ICC 500-2014 (8-foot double doors)
  • 2012: Introduced first FEMA EF-5 glazed window wall tested per ICC 500-2014
  • 2012: Introduced first FEMA EF-5 glazed window with thermal break
  • 2017: Completed FEMA EF-5 tornado testing for windows per ICC 500-2014 (7 sq. ft. up to 40 sq. ft.) – first company with FEMA ICC 500-2014 storefront

Certifications are issued by third-party labs on completion of rigorous environmental testing. Documentation is available to architects and contractors upon request.