Presents the Citadel Storefront System

A storefront, consisting of the frame, glazing and the entry door, is only as strong as its weakest link. Survivalite’s Citadel Storefront System is an integrated storefront system that doesn’t have a weak link. Whether you’re facing bad guys or the storm of the century, the Citadel Storefront System ensures there is no weak link in your defense.

We were the first to offer a commercial storefront certified to withstand both the terrific forces of an F-5 tornado and a Category 5 hurricane. Our second-generation Citadel Storefront System adds a thermal break to the windows and meets new FEMA hurricane shelter requirements. And if more down-to-earth threats are your concern, it also provides up to Level IV ballistic protection and significant protection against explosions. All without resorting to unsightly bars or roll-down barriers.

You get everything from a single supplier, it all works together, and it looks great. And it can be installed without recourse to skilled labor or, in the case of existing structures, high-cost scaffolding.